How old am I?

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Camping at Chief Timothy with some friends...

Amber and Jons....6 weeks left Amber =)
Amber and Jalen
Mark and Michelle
Blake loved the outdoor shower after playing in the dirt all day

Blake and Jalen are one month apart...

Why do boys love the dirt soooo much???

This is Blakes friend Abigail...

Its hard to believe, but Blake is 10 months older.

Close cousins....

Blake and Mason


Messy Boy

Some Mommy time...

June 1st

Blake got his first real haircut...He's a little boy now.

I forgot to bring my camera when we went...I know, bad mom, right?
Helping Mals eat
This is the day before...see how long his mop is?

Camping at Laird Park this past weekend

Blake gave himself a shower.
He was able to reach the handle and thought that was pretty neat.

The boys all went on a walk


When did he learn to eat his own cob?

I can't believe he can eat his own corn-on-the-cob.
When did he get so big??

Camping '09...Playing BaseBall

Brian tried to get me out on 1st, but couldn't =)
Batter up

Camping '09

Is this such a good idea??